Miloš Jovanović

Miloš Jovanović is the co-owner of several companies operating in more than 10 countries and realising his business with over 30 clients in the b2b sector and over 100,000 users in the b2c area. He is founder of and a member of the Board of Directors at other companies.

Miloš is chairman of the Board of the Employment Agency Group of the Serbian chamber of Commerce and a member of the Republic Employment Council.

He is known in his environment as a passionate partner in launching new projects and as a tireless interlocutor on the topic of innovation and business innovation.

He completed his basic studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade at the Department of Sociology and completed his postgraduate, professional specialist studies in the field of Marketing Management at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the same University.

He has been awarded the 40 under 40 South Eastern Europe Award by Business Elite Awards.

The story of Miloš Jovanović:

Miloš was born in Bor and currently lives in Belgrade. He considers himself to be a resident of the world and prefers to return to Dubai, Spain and Germany.

From a very young age, he has been very interested in entrepreneurship. As he says through a smile, ’’if we were in America, I would tell you the stories of my first entrepreneurial steps, but since we are not there, I will dwell on those that will sound more reasonable to you.’’

The first serious collision with the outside world and sobering comes in high school when he becomes an active member in the large NGOs.

Another serious sobering occurs when, after his second year of college, he was on a summer trip to Europe. During this period he had the opportunity to exchange experience with peers from different countries. Most of them were engaged in serious business professional practices through college and some had already taken a serious entrepreneurial path.

Desperate for the fact that he spends time travelling, while his peers work hard and acquire new skills, he returns to Belgrade and opens his first company. It was a marketing agency selling advertising space. Since he did not have his own advertising space to sell, he had to invent one and so he created ads that were distributed in mailboxes.

He was also the director of the company, designer, salesman, distributor and bookkeeper and, most of all, he was a diligent student, learning every step of the way and what to do. The story lasted 6 months. Quite enough to learn to be an entrepreneur is not a fad.

One year after that, he enters the world of Event Managers. Here he gets his first unofficial mentor. A man to whom he is still grateful today for all the experience he has unselfishly conveyed to him. For more than 5 and a half years, he has carefully refined his knowledge by working for some of the largest domestic and international clients, both through working for the company and as a business owner.

After that he enters the online education world and soon receives an offer to start a company in the field of human resources management in partnership. And this is a big ticket to the world stage, where after just a couple of years he opens a representative office in Dubai. The spirit of Dubai is developing in him completely new spheres of interest, new acquaintances, new opportunities.

After years of working for some of the world’s most respected companies around the world, the world becomes his workplace. Some of the countries in which he worked include: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Estonia.. this is a period when he receives numerous business offers and as a co-owner participates in the development of numerous stories. Most of these countries still have open business activities and are working to open new markets such as Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, France.

Today, as the founder of, which he says is the ’’New Ideas Incubator’’, he participates in the work of numerous companies in various fields: human resources, education, IT, pharmacy, marketing, business development, but also actively participates in research and development of new projects and new companies.

As he himself states, he is not bothered by the fact that he is divided into a lot of projects that are fundamentally different, but it gives him energy, the possibility of creative distance, but also contacts in diferrent areas that at the end of the day make it easier for him to complete the realization process.


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