Being on this site means that you already have an awareness of the importance of social responsibility. The idea is to motivate with this site all those who have awareness to further raise awareness and share it with people around them.

We will start with what is a social resposibility for me.

I will disappoint all those who may have expected some theory. I will also disappoint those who think that social responsibility is reflected only in material donations and it is reserved only for the wealthy. Not. For me, social responsibility is more than that. It is an integral part of any lifestyle you choose. Whether you are an athlete, a scientist, an entrepreneur, a baker or a doctor, social responsibility must exist.

Although the term may be horny, it is actually very simple: do not pollute the environment, do not hurt other people, it sounds almost biblical, but it is as simple as that, taking care of chuldren, old people, animals.

So, when you see someone throwing garbage in your area, neglecting the young, the elderly, people, animals, the planet generally, stop for a second. Count to 5, then talk to that person in the most decent way and point out the mistakes he is making.

If each of us were consistent and took some time to donate to our environment, I am sure most of the problems we would face would start to sort themselves out. And you, you would do the right thing and be totally socially responsible.

For those for which this is not have enough, they can join to some initiatives or to take initiatives on their own and thus contribute to society and the plant they live on.

These are some of my activities that, in addition to the above, I contribute to building a better society:

In high school the first official initiative I joined was the Civic Initiatives program, where we worked to raise awareness of the importance of going to the polls. The initiative was completely politically neutral, nobody on my team ever suggested who to vote for, the point is that the political system can only work if it gets legitimate representatives. To have legitimate representatives, all citizens must come out and vote. That is why I still support initiatives like this today!

In college, I attended lectures and was active in numerous citizens’ associations.

I also started my own two associations. As a young student with a great desire to change the world around me, with a colleague from college, I started the Center for Progressive Socio-Cultural Development. Nothing easier, and nothing harder. We wanted to change the world, but we still couldn’t make it. Today, by our example, we are working to make the world a better place to live.

As we continued to think about how best to change the world, we came to the fact that we can only do this through youth education. This led us to found the iSerbia Citizens Youth Association. We are proud that this association still exists today, that it is entirely run by young, ambitious people, for young people. Within this association, we had numerous successful projects:

  • Online mentoring – Through this project we have connected experts from the Diaspora with young people from the country who have been working together for 6 months on the project. This project has lasted several years and created numerous cross-border collaborations, bringing to the country many newpapers and practices that are mainstream in developed countries
  • Faculty Ranking-Based on the idea that only positive competitiveness can lead us forward and aware of the existence of official world rankings, we have created a local variant with the emphasis on students evaulating faculties themselves. This research has given a huge resonance to the public. On the one hand, there were those who praised us, on the other, there were those who were not so happy that these results were public. The answer to everyone was- the idea is that we are all improving and going forward, we feel that we cannot do this unless we make a cross-section and determine what the facts are. The faculty rankings were conducted twice, and since it was completely done on a volunteer basis, we were not able to continue it (for now).
  • Youth electronic media – in addition to the knowledge that young people need to successfully navigate their lives and change society for the better, they need work experience and information. We put together a nice and useful and in 2011 we created an informative portal iSerbia.rs. Through the portal, over 1500 young people have gained their professional practice. The iSerbia portal still exists and operates and is fully managed and edited by young people, young professionals.
  • Young Entrepreneurs Networks – Another project I am extremely proud of is the Young Entrepreneurs Networks. The idea of the network is that young people with similar sensibilities and desires to pursue entrepreneurial waters have the opportunity to meet, learn from each other and collaborate. Find out more about the Young Entrepreneurs Networks HERE.

Even today, as a serial entrepreneur, I gladly take the time to deal with things that I consider to be of great importance for growth and development, and so I am active in the following positions:

  • Chairman of the Board of the Employment Agency Group at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Republic Employment Council
  • Vice President of the Professional Association for Employment and Mediation

Remember to be consistent and take some of your time and give it to your environment, doing the right thing and working together to create a better environment for all of us. Until some new initiatives…

Be socially responsible!

With respect
Miloš Jovanović

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