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Miloš Jovanović – starts new business

Miloš Jovanović is the co-owner of several companies operating in more than 10 countries and realising his business with over 30 clients in the b2b sector and over 100,000 users in the b2c area. He is founder of and a member of the Board of Directors at other companies.

Miloš is chairman of the Board of the Employment Agency Group of the Serbian chamber of Commerce and a member of the Republic Employment Council.

He has been awarded the 40 under 40 South Eastern Europe Award by Business Elite Awards.

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When you have dreams, the sky is the limit. Or at least they taught us that. And of course it is important, but like any fairy tale, it misses that later part of the story. What next, how to take the first step and what if the step or the whole idea doesn’t work and what if it does? Whether a new project or a new business is started, there are certain rules that sound simple but that are often a trap. The first pitfall is over-dealing with a product / service. To launch a new thing, it is important...

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One of the greatest scientific advances in the past half-century was the discovery of the ’’trophic cascade’’. It is a process that starts at the top of the food chain and goes down to the end and explains their connection. People in business are not always aware that their decisions, their reactions, but also the reactions they encounter, are not isolated reactions but represent rationally designed moves to achieve the set goal. Or so it should be. In 1995. Scientists in the United States decided to settle one national park with wolves. There have been no wolves in that national...

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Networking  can greatly help in both day-to-day business and new business development. Twice a year we organize an event “Have a drink with entrepreneurs”. The only requirement is that you are an entrepreneur for more than two years. Sign up to hang out with entrepreneurs.